Thursday, April 12, 2012

Field trip....

Today Nick took Samantha and I to Mystic Aquarium. It was so much fun.  Nick was impressed with what Sam knew about frogs and tadpoles.  They had a whole display on the Titanic. Something I haven't taught Samantha about yet so we had a crash course on what happened.  She loved touching a stingray.  Then going and seeing all the different creatures.  She was a little to scared to hold the crab.  I love field trips. Nick was funny he kept saying he picked this as our fun day together so it would be educational for Samantha.

A few schools were there on a field trip too. One group looked like they were kindergarteners.  Well just as we passed by then one little girl yelled to the teacher that the little boy on the side of her just kissed her. LOL it was funny hearing the teacher tell the kid to keep his lips to himself.  So glad I don't have to worry about this happening to Sam.

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