Sunday, April 22, 2012

Funny how

I think its funny how excited I got when some of next years curriculum arrived in the mail.
Funny how I wasn't even thinking of next school year until a friend asked a question about something I have been using this year.
Funny how I then spent days looking over different homeschool curriculum sites trying to make my decission
Funny how I end up with most of the stuff I originally wanted to use.

Funny how my little girl also got excited about her new English book coming in and wanted to start right away.... well after she was done playing on the computer.
Funny how one subject is still giving me issues on what to do.....

So after a couple weeks of decision making here is what out new curriculum is going to be for next year....

Math- Horizons Math 2nd grade
English-Bob Jones University English 2
Science-Bob Jones University Science 2
Geography-Road Trip USA from Confessions of a Homeschooler
History- History Stories for Children
Phonics- Abeka
Health- Horizons Heath 2

We also will continue on our Five In A Row journey. We have had so much fun using this.  Through this she will continue to learn Geography, Art, language arts, living Math concepts, Science, History and Character studies.  We use this as a fun thing to do each day not as our main curriculum like many people do.

So what is the subject that is causing me to question what to do.....  Reading. We are using Abeka's phonics program BUT Samantha has not enjoyed reading their readers. Its like pulling teeth to get her to read them.  I know in life there is many things we have to learn to do even if we don't like them. But at this time I don't think this is one of those lessons.  Right now I want her to keep on loving to read. She reads no problem when its not the Abeka's readers.  So I was thinking of using the Abeka's seat work worksheet pages to keep on the phonics part but to look up a list of books that a 2nd grader should read and have her read those. She loves to read if the book is something that is interesting to her.  I tested her last week and she is reading at a third grade level if that test is correct. I am not to worried about her fluency in reading I am going to focus now more on the comprehension.

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