Saturday, May 26, 2012

learning a lesson myself....

So last week sometime my darling daughter dropped a pencil down the toilet.  Yes she takes multiple things into the bathroom with her.  Well that day she took a pencil and paper... the next thing I know she is freaking out that she dropped her favorite pencil down the toilet.  Just what a mom wants to hear.  Since I was in the middle of something I told her to hang on I will get it for her. Those are the words I should have never said. By time I got the the bathroom the pencil completely slide down the hole.  praying that it would somehow not be a problem....... fast forward a few days and we could no longer flush our toilet.  BIG PROBLEM.  We like to flush we like to be able to use the toilet.  Thankfully Steve works at Lowes and was able to pick up a magical tool that was able to solve the whole problem.....I have never been so happy to be able to flush a toilet!

Lesson learned next time I hear my daughter scream she dropped something down the toilet I will run as fast as I can to get it out!!!


happy's mommy said...

I feel SO guilty for laughing! But it waaaaaas a little bit funny! ;)

Also, can you share the name of that special Lowes thingamabob because we can't drain our bathroom sink. And we like to use our sink! :P


Jen said...

For your sink you will need a snake or auger make sure you get the one for sinks and tubs. They have 2 different kinds one for toilets and one for everything else. LOL

you can laugh I did too. That child of mine definitely keeps me on my toes. She told me she guesses only books in the bathroom nothing else.