Monday, August 8, 2016

A Real American Girl

With the start of the new school year the first thing we will be studying in history will be Native American's.  Then on to other early American history.  We are excited for this.  I have been looking at places to go to further our studies.  

 A few weekends ago I took Samantha to a cultural fair.  There were people from all over with all their crafts.  I was specifically looking for Native American booths.  We found an amazing artist. Her paintings were beautiful and way out of our price range.  We bought a copy of one.  I asked her if there was a story behind the picture.  She tells me its her daughter.  Then goes onto tell me how her daughter was the American Girl paper doll in the Nov, Dec 1998 issue of the American Girl Magazine and featured in the magazine.   I wish they still did that in the magazines.  Her name is Jacqueline Moorehead.  I have tried to find a picture of the full doll but so far I haven't been successful.  

Here she is in the magazine

Here she is in her mothers painting.

American Girl asked her to be the model for the Kaya Doll her mom said that she had thought about doing it but then she thought it was creepy to have people playing with you as a doll.  

I bought Samantha that doll above and a visual as we learn.  I also bought the box set of the Kaya books.  She has read almost all of them long before we start school.  But that is ok I love how excited She is to start learning about Native American's.  

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