Monday, August 15, 2016

Family Fun Night at Heritage State Park

I love that the city is trying to do things for families this summer from movie nights to fun activities.  The city built a splash pad for the kids 3 new playgrounds in the last couple of years.  The nice new bike path.  

We went as a last minute decision to the Family Fun Night at Heritage State Park down on the waterfront.  It was hot, humid and rainy.  We weren't even sure they were still holding it.  I am glad we went we had so much fun.  

There was dancing to old time music,  games of yesteryear and crafts for the kids.  They also had their summer display of Fall River History.    Fall River was once a major textile city.  We had the leading number of Spindles in Leading Textile Centers         

I love when we can have fun and add some history to our lives.  
The history of our great city

The history of wool, cotton, knitting and textiles (this would have gone along great with many of the Five in a Row books)

Some fun for the kids,  Learning to tie nautical knots, Writing our name out in nautical flags, old time game fun.  This had the kids going for a long time.  To think with all the electronics we have kids really do enjoy playing simple games.  

The family photo

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