Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Summer field trip

On Friday we went to one of the Free Friday Events.  Every Friday there are at least 5 places free to go to. The Highland foundation pays for it.  Its open to everyone.  So we try to take advantage as often as we can of this.  Sometimes the places are so crowded its not worth it like last summer when we went to the Boston Children's Museum and it was at least 45 minute wait to even get in .  It was so crowded that you could hardly do anything once inside. Other friends of our waited 2 hours to get in.  Crazy.  Then there are times like the time we went to Plymouth Plantation and it was no busier then if there was a field trip going on. 

So 2 Fridays ago we went to the Pilgrim Hall Museum.  This is one of the places I planned on going in the fall. I was thrilled we could go for free.  

The museum did a great job they had a scavenger hunt for all ages.  Samantha needed to read each clue in order to find all the great works of art through out the place.  I was glad Daddy could join us on this trip.  He usually is at work during our field trips.
Sitting on a replica of a chair in one of the first families in Plymouth homes

Touching a piece of the "rock"  We have been to the rock many times and its really not that impressive.  LOL  But it was nice to be able to touch a piece of history

I love spinning wheels.  But a little fact  they really didn't have any spinning wheels in the early days of Pilgrims.  But I forget what famous painting had a Pilgrim at a spinning wheel and that soon became a symbol of that time

Samantha's favorite picture in the whole Museum

 Watching and educational video of the Native American's before and after the Pilgrims.  Nice picture of Daddy and Samantha

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