Friday, October 14, 2011

The Crabby Monster....

What is it about rainy days that brings out the crabby monster in a child? Or maybe it was the full moon tonight. Today Samantha was very crabby. But we still managed to get a lot of work done. The only thing I let slide today was math. She did one math sheet but didn't do the one with the new concept on it. I figured by this point she was crabby and the new stuff wouldn't stick. She had already completed everything else plus extra work.

Today We read the book "Me on the Map" and she did 2 activities to go with it.

This first one I found on this blog.. Teach MaMa learning in the everyday
we created a cute little book to show her world....

Yes we do know where the continents do go on the globe but they just didn't fit right on the earth she cut.

She also did this mini activity found on The Write Handed Teacher where she drew a map of our house and of her bedroom. She did very good on this one. She drew her room how she wishes it would be.... she recently got new curtains, comforter and rug for her room(she had the same ones since we moved her into her bed at 18 months old)and its zebra print. Yes I did allow her the zebra print. But in my defense the curtains are pink and white zebra, the rug is white and purple zebra and her comforter is black, purple and white zebra. So anyway she drew a box around her bedroom so she could design her walls. Yes they are designed to look like zebra stripes in pink and white. Keep dreaming child. I also find it interesting that when she drew herself on the cover she drew herself in her uniform for music class. :)

Today's great find....
A puzzle of the solar system since we have been working on that in science. A game called Silly Sentences. Its also a puzzle and you have a bunch of pieces to put together a sentence. This will be great to practice putting a sentence together.

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