Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What we have been learning lately...

Lately in math she has been moving right along. She recently learned how to tell time to the half hour. She has also figured out how the minutes work and can tell me when its quarter past. She learned how to measure using inches. How to skip count 2, 5, 10, & 6's. She does word problems. She will be moving on to fractions this week learning what a half fraction is.

measuring using her measuring inch worms

In language arts she is moving along with reading, she does awesome when she actually reads the word and not guesses. She has learned many new things like punctuation, nouns, plural nouns & verbs. She is doing good in spelling.

History is her great love so far. She begs yes begs for more each day. We started at the beginning of time and we are moving right along with the early church. Soon we will get more into recent history well maybe not so recent but learn about the pilgrims, then on to learning about the USA and each state.

Science has been fun. Its been a two week long lesson in the planets, the sun, the moon and the stars. We have done a lot of hands on learning. She made a constellation in a can with Daddy, she drew her own solar system with chalk and black construction paper. She made the constellation Sirius. We are moving onto the phases of the moon next.

Doing her science work while at work with me. Look at her great job on Sirius and the little dipper.

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