Thursday, October 6, 2011


She is really getting the hang of math. But she did get a little bit frustrated today when the new concept of counting by 6's was introduced. I was a little surprised that it was. We have only done skip counting by 2's, 5's and 10's. I thought it would be the 3's next. So I showed her how skip counting was actually just adding the number your skip counting by the last number you said. It clicked. But I am sure it will take a bit before she is comfortably counting by 6's. I just looked through her math book one and she doesn't do that again at all. Weird. But at the end of book one she does skip counting by 7's. I am going to check out whats in book 2.
So to help her remember how to skip count 6's I made some stepping stones for her to jump on while she counts. Trying to keep it fun while she learns.

Just looking through her math book I noticed I need to finish the felt fractions I am making for her and I need to add another fraction to it. Her book has her doing 1/5. I only planned on making up to 1/4. I had found this homeschool blog Counting coconuts that had the cutest felt fractions and I bookmarked the page thinking they would come in handy one day for Samantha. Now I can't wait to see her learn with them.

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