Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Music class

Samantha went to her first music class at the public school. She loved it! Samantha was nervous. We both were. We both felt very welcomed. The principal took us to the first grade classroom. Introduced Sam to all the students. They were all so cute rushing to get near her talking to her all at once. It was sweet. She even knew one of the children in class. She is our neighbor. Too funny I didn't realize the little girl was in first grade. I have to say she even looks adorable in her school uniform. This school seems to be very open to homeschoolers. I am very happy with this new experience. I know some homeschooling mom's that were very concerned with this decision. Some were very interested in doing that with their own children. A few are worried that if their child liked this one class they wouldn't want to homeschool anymore. For me I am very comfortable with this. Samantha knows that she is a homeschool child and public school for academics is not an option for us at this time.

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