Tuesday, June 20, 2017


It's funny how you have these plans before the school year starts and then things change.  Something is not working.  Of you find something much better.  So you switch it up.  

So we are ending this school year with some different things for curriculum. 

Math- teaching textbooks.  
Grammar- we switched very quickly from Rod and Staff and went with Fix it Grammar
Spelling- We used Spelling you See 
History-  We used living books We read many good books along with the Rush Revere Books
Science- Science kits, Living books and Science class with Coop
Five in a Row is in a class of its own. as it can be applied to grammar, history, science and much more.  

I am busy planning next year and  I think we will stick with teaching textbooks, copy work for spelling.  I haven't decided if we will use Grammar Land or the next issue in Fix it grammar.  Or maybe use both together.  History and Science will be with Beyond Five in a Row.  

  Over the summer we will be doing math and finishing up the grammar book. Also finishing up any of the Five in a Row books we didn't finish.  
Samantha will be taking 3 classes at the highschool.  Cosmetology, Theater and Engineering.

Note there is nothing wrong with Rod and Staff. Its an amazing curriculum, but after years of diagramming sentences I felt we needed a change.