Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Five in a Row Lentil

Lentil- Five in a Row

We rowed Lentil recently.  It was a cute story of a boy who couldn't sing. He couldn't pucker his lips to whistle.  He eventually found the harmonica and could play that.  Its a story set in small town America. We followed the manual. Then added in some other things:

Some of the hands on fun we did with Lentil:
Taste testing challenge
making a lemon clock
trying a lemon straight
playing the harmonica
hosted a of old time end year picnic with games of old: game of graces, darts, hoop rolling, hula hoop, hopscotch  
Samantha whittled as stick for her wooden bow

 She looks a little evil in this picture lol

Here are some links to things that I used to go along with the row

We also drank lemon aid and ate lemon candy.

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