Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Five in a Row, Miss Rumphius

Its a cute tale of a story about a girl following in her grandfather's footsteps, Miss Rumphius succeeds in her mission and stirs the hears of the next generation.

many subjects were touched including:
living by the sea, doing special work, the good and the bad about nicknames, Geography of the areas the book covered, story telling, library skills of yesteryear (the lost skills) We looked at the type of art the books uses, The architecture of the buildings in the different countries she visits, How to use art techniques to show wind or breezes and shadows,science in gardening, seeds, birds, shells, health and determining directions by the sea. We talked about ways to make the world better and what we each can do. We talked about family values.
Samantha enjoyed this book.  Here are some links to things we watched....

One of the art project Samantha did was to paint Lupines on the windows.

We took a nature walk with the class nature in the city and saw some Lupines along the way

the setting was in a coastal town more then likely in Maine.  They are known for their lobster.  So we had a meal of lobster rolls and blueberry pie, We also added some coconut water she went to an island and they most likely had coconuts.  

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