Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Five in a Row- Another Celebrated Dancing Bear.

I loved this story.  We rowed it when my daughter was taking a homeschool ballet class.

For Social Studies we talked about  Geography and Culture.  I have a book called Children Just like Me.  Its a fun way for your child to see what life is like for other children around the world and the country your studying in FIAR.  She learned about Russian Ballet, music, and authors.  She learned the country of Russia and about some of their history,  We watched a story on the Czar Nicholas and the fate of his family.  We watched the story about people thinking his daughter  Anastasia  escaped.  We talked about Occupations, Hospitality, and relationships.

We moved onto the Language and learned some new vocabulary, descriptive language, characterization, drama in writing and titles of books. How good titles will bring a person to want to read the book.  

We talked about Art and how the artist illustrated the book.  They used a method called Etchings. It makes for a very unique picture.  Here is how they use this method....  In traditional pure etching, a metal (usually copper, zinc or steel) plate is covered with a waxy ground which is resistant to acid. The artist then scratches off the ground with a point etching needle where he or she wants a line to appear in the finshed piece, so exposing the bare metal.
We also discussed the colors the artist used to create the warm feelings through out the book.

We moved onto Architecture.  What the Russian skyline looked like.  How the tops of their buildings were called onion turrets.  Here is Samantha's drawing of it...

We did some science about boiling point and freezing point. My daughter dug deeper and researched bears.  

We had fun with this row.  We watched a few documentaries and shows on Russia, Here are some links to different things we learned about throughout this row...

We listened to Russian music, we watched Russian dancers and we looked at Russian Art.  

We didn't do much for cooking for this row. I found some tea cakes and we drank tea.  

Our attempt at artwork
our very own Nesting Dolls.  Daddy even got into the action and painted one.  

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