Saturday, April 10, 2010


Samantha wants to know about bees so this week we will be looking into the life of a bee. When Sam was about 2 years old she got stung by a bee and still remembers it to this day. We were visiting Grandma Muriel and Grandpa Steve on the Cape. Grandma Muriel, Samantha and I were going to a fair. As we were waiting for the bus to bring us there, Samantha was looking at some flowers. One had a bee on it. She reached over and picked the bee right off the flower. OUCH he stung her. Since then she has asked about bees of and on. Then we were watching the Bee Movie and she learned that when a bee stings a person he will die. That really interested her. She wants to know why it dies. So off to the internet we went. So for this week I will be posting all kind of interesting information about bees and showing off the fun projects Samantha and I will be doing.

Oh and a bee dies because his stinger has barbs on it and when it goes into the skin the barbs holds it in place and as the bee tries to fly away it rips the stinger out and his insides come out. He will soon die. Interesting and gross. Poor little bee. Not all types of bees will die when they sting. Some bees can't even fly.

So for today Samantha said I am the queen bee and she is the princess bee. LOL
Have a great weekend.

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