Tuesday, April 13, 2010

More on bees

I almost forgot she learned more about bees today. how they make honey. Its really interesting. The bee takes nectar from the flower in its mouth. The enzymes in its mouth helps convert the nectar into honey. The bee will deposit pollen on the flower as it takes the nectar. The bee puts the honey in the honeycomb. Then it will actually flap its wings over the honey to remove the excess water from it. We watched a video of this. It was so amazing to see hundreds of bees flapping its wings to dry the honey. Samantha thought this was funny. we also learned that honey resist bacteria, mold and fungus and doesn't go bad due to this. She wants to learn more about the bees and watch more videos of them making honey. Off to search the interent for more information.

Samantha isn't a lover of honey. But she knows that when she has a sore throat it does help to sooth it and will take a teaspoon of it.

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