Thursday, April 22, 2010

Week of playdates.....

Since this week was a school vacation week for the public school we followed and decided this was a good week to just relax and have fun. This has been a busy week.

On Monday Samantha went and played with her cousin Kylie at while I worked. They had so much fun together playing outside.

On Tuesday we went with a few families from church to Roger Williams Zoo. Samantha enjoyed going there with friends. It was a nice warm day for a zoo trip. Not sure if she had more fun looking at the animals or having a friend to see the zoo with.

Then today, Thursday is our Mops (Mothers of preschoolers) day. After Mops we went for a play date and picnic at the playground with our Mops friends. It was a fun filled day. They all had fun playing on the swings and playground equipment. Samantha was so thrilled to show me she mastered the monkey bars. She can make it all the way across. After most of our friends left Samantha and her friends Owen, Emma, Seth and Shane played in the baseball field running around and picking dandelions. We decided it was time to go as the thunderstorm rolled in. She almost fell asleep on the way home. Now that's a sign of a fun day. Early to bed tonight.

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