Sunday, April 18, 2010

zoo fun

I took Samantha to the zoo today. We wanted to get out of the house and let Steve rest. We were just looking at the magazine Auntie Lyette sent Sam for her birthday. In it there is a story of a little otter. So cute so we thought we head to the zoo to look at the otters and learn a little more. Well we learned some new stuff about them but................. this is the first time ever going to the zoo and the otters never came out!! The bears were out, the baby cougar was out, the beavers were out, a cute little baby duck was out, even the crane was out. But can the cute little otter be out. No. Maybe next time they will be out. There were some cute little baby ducks so tiny and adorable. Oh and the crane was building a sort of nest for its egg. I didn't look like a normal nest kind of thrown together not in any form. More like a little bed for the egg not a nest. Then something scared them away and off the ran leaving the egg behind.

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