Sunday, April 4, 2010


Happy Easter to all! Today was a fun Easter day for Samantha. We went to church, baked cookies, then got together with our family for dinner. I wanted to update the grass in the basket made it to Easter. But it wont last for much longer. Funny the cat never touched it. But if I move a plant I have in my bedroom out in the living room he will eat the leaves off. He almost killed it. Its also a plant that is supposed to make him sick. Obviously it doesn't as he will try and eat it at every chance.

Ok so how does this apply to learning. Hmmm not sure.....well every experience you learn something right? Like today Samantha learned if you tell Mommy no and stick your tongue out at church that will have a consequence... no computer time for a few days. LOL

I hope everyone had a wonderful and peaceful Easter!!!

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