Sunday, April 11, 2010

kitchen table science....

Water = liquid
ice = solid
steam = gas

On Saturday she learned about how one object can be in so many different forms. We started out with a liquid water then froze it and turned it into a solid. First she tried to break the ice with a pick. Then we melted some of the ice first with just hot water and watched the big ice block melt slowly.
Next we took an ice cube and put in over a flame to watch it melt very fast. Then we covered the pan and watched the water evaporate and fill the pan and it turned into a gas. Fun with science! We did add strawberries and grapes to the water first just to add some more fun to it. She had to figure out how to get the fruit out to have her snack. ****frozen grapes taste good but frozen strawberries are mushy and not so good****

I found this website and she had fun trying to figure out if something was a liquid, solid or a gas.

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