Tuesday, April 13, 2010

sick days.....

This week has been a long week and its only Tuesday! Samantha has a cold and sore throat and she kindly passed that on to me! One of the joys or not such joy is if your home schooled you can still do your work when your sick. That is if your not hugging the toilet bowl sick. Since she is not that sick I have a week of school work planned for her.

Yesterday was nice with Daddy doing all the work with Samantha. Since he didn't listen to the directions before I left for work she did double the work. HAHAHAHA. Ok that wasn't so nice of me but....... So instead of doing only 4 work sheets and some activities she did 8 worksheets. That cuts our week down for work.

Today was a fun day for homeschooling. Since she did today's work yesterday we had more of a fun day. We colored some fake stain glass windows to hang in her bedroom. I wish she had more patience coloring. When she wants to do it she can do a beautiful job when she isn't so into it well lets just say her work is not so beautiful.

Then we did some work out of our devotional on giving. Samantha doesn't mind giving away toys, hugs (to the right person) even art work that she makes. But when it comes to giving away her money well we are working on that one. She gets an allowance. How much she gets at the end of the week depends on her. We have a chore chart. Each chore is assigned an amount. Then each day I assign certain chores and if she does them she gets a check mark and at the end of the week we total up the money. Its up to her how much she makes. When I give her the money we break it down to put in her banks that we made from our mops group. Share/save/spend. So she has no problem with putting 20% in the save but she wants to put the rest in the spend. She doesn't want to put 10% in the share bank. But she knows that she will only get an allowance if she is willing to do as she is told to do with the money. One day she will give willingly and even maybe joyfully I hope? She loves putting money in for charity at the holidays even when its her own money. So I don't get why she wouldn't want to do this. She was so thrilled the few times now that we went shopping and she spent her spend money. Her own money her face lit up when she handed over the correct money to the cashier. Oh and the craft that went along with this devotional was to make a sign any kind of sign and give it away. She happily did this. She made a beautiful sign that said friends forever and gave it to her friend Chloe. She did this with great joy. I need some smiles and this one would be shaking its head is wonder or confusion.

Then we talked about the different type of clouds and read a book on them. What a great day for looking out the window (she sick remember so no outside) and try to pick out what kind of clouds are out there. She was thrilled to learn that she can make a could on a cold day just by breathing or walk through one on a foggy day. Its fun to see the light bulb go on in her mind when she learns these things.

So as I write this blog post she is in the kitchen playing with the dreaded moon sand. How I hate the stuff. Its messy and gets into everything. No matter how careful you are it just messy. She is actually playing with some homemade moon sand that works just like the store bought stuff. The only thing is it did dry up some while being stored so we just added more water. I think its because its not being stored in a air tight container. I don't even want to go in the kitchen to see what it looks like in there right now. If you want the recipe for moon sand here it is....

1 1/2 cups water
3 cups corn starch
6 cups sand

mix the corn starch with the sand first. Then add the water little by little until its the right consistency. If you brave add food coloring but I warn you we use red and every time she plays with it her hands are stained pink. Not that she minds. But you might want to use the colored play sand if you don't want it to be regular sand color. Keep in an airtight container.

I am about to brave the kitchen in the hope that its not covered in sand. LOL Enjoy your day!!!

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